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Content Hosting

iPress Cloud & Amazon S3

Keep in mind that iPress Cloud offers two distinct benefits namely preventing your content being downloaded for free as well as convenience as you pay one fee for all of our services bundled together.

Customization & Translation

As for customization, here is a list of things that you can consider tweaking at no cost:
Kiosk: Thanks to a number of themes that are available, you can customize your virtual newsstand.
Reader UI: With features such as buttons and the Pixie Bar, you can customize your project to domore than just present content to your readers but also increase interactivity and external browsing.

Content Creation

For people who have the money but not the time, we can provide you with iPress experts who will create the content but also distribute it accordingly too. Of course, this comes at a cost that will be discussed depending on the scope and amount of work.