Get your rich content reach the marketplace


Where We Publish

Where We Publish

App Stores

Create Apps on your fingertip and reach out to greater marketplace.

Private Apps

Make your Apps within the closed groups and keep the content restricted to the defined audience.

Web Apps

Make your content universally available.

App Types

Suite your need, start publishing today

App Types

Suite your need, start publishing today
Single Apps

Instantly impress your readers, create your own magazine/eBook kiosk.

White-Labelled Apps

Sell by your name, add the credit to the store not coded by you.

Aggregator Boosktore Apps

Develop a marketplace of your own and drive the publisher sales.


Keep your users intact and glued.


Keep your users intact and glued.
Reports & Analytics
Track every move and gage the market.
Instant Updates
Keep your content updated regularly without any hiccups.
Push Notification
Send periodical updates to your users.
Universal Links
Generate an accessible link for your App types.
In-App Purchase
Start selling content via App and be the sole owner of the revenue generated via sales.
Email Marketing
Keep your users engaged on the marketing promotions via newsletters sent through the system.
iPress Training
Get product knowledge and comprehensive hands-on exposure from our tech savvy experts.
VIP Reader
Set a priority group by offering FREE access to the content.
Help & Support
Get navigated by the complete user guide. Still challenging? Reach out to us via email, chat and phone support.